Entropia is an immersive audiovisual performance, initiated by the work of Fraction on 3D sound to create an intense sensory experience, based on the synergy between the surround sound, direct light of a physical object and projections in 360°.

It consists of a geodesic sphere designed and programmed by Starnault placed in the center of the performance space whose visual mapping is synchronized to the sound and maintains constant interaction with the projection of immersive visuels on the exterior walls. Sound artist Fraction stands inside the sphere and performs live spatial sound using custom programs specially developed for the work.

During 40 minutes, combining the various sound and visual media, the artists build up Entropia, an audiovisual journey paying tribute to the visionary architect Buckminster Fuller, conceived as an initiatory transhumance through an hypnotic, contemplative, yet radical landscape of interleaved mediums

The public, placed around the sphere like for a ritual, take body with the spatiality of the place and attends a performance ‘total’. The entire space becomes the performance ground, overwhelming audience in an unconventional sensorial experience.

Initially designed for Dome, the experience has also been adapted to different venue format.

In several years of existence, the show has traveled through continents, being featured at the major digital and new media art events around the world.